Converting Visitors to Customers at Trade Show Exhibits

Trade show exhibits are often an effective way to gain customers, whether they are other businesses or regular consumers.  And more customers mean more revenue.  Here are some ways to make your trade show exhibits profitable.

Trade show exhibit visitor engagement is key

Ensure that everyone working in your trade show exhibits is dressed properly.  A professional-looking staff will do wonders for you customer conversion.  Your staff will also need to be properly prepared for their time in your trade show exhibits; they might benefit from a script, or a list of talking points, but at the very least you should run them through what you would say if you were working the trade show exhibits.  Having breath mints or gum available to your trade show exhibits’ workers is a good idea, as well, since nothing can get a visitor out of your trade show exhibits faster than bad breath.

Get all of their information

It is pretty tough to follow up with potential clients after you pack away your trade show exhibits if you do not have all of the required contact information.  Make certain that the staff in your trade show exhibits are provided with information on exactly what kind of contact information they need to obtain.  It might be easiest to just get interested parties’ business cards when they visit your trade show exhibits, but that could be a bit hit-and-miss.  Another option is having your staff fill out lead sheets, with spaces for all the information you need from the trade show exhibits’ visitors.

ABC: Always Be Closing

That coffee is for closers!  Make sure you follow up with everyone who came to your trade show exhibits.  Failing to follow up costs you business, plain and simple.  Get all the contact information you’ve obtained at your trade show exhibits and start sending emails, making phone calls, knocking on doors, or however else you want to get in contact with the people from your trade show exhibits.  Not only does it cost you money, but not following up can reflect poorly on your business as well; there is an implicit contract to get in touch when someone at trade show exhibits provides their contact information.

None of these recommendations for making trade show exhibits work for you should be a startling suggestion.  But if you put these basic steps into action, trade show exhibits should work well for you as a tool for getting sales.