Trade Show Exhibits Store It Right!

After the long day at trade show exhibits you will be required to take down your displays and pack up for the road. You might have thought you did a great job and finally got through the hard parts of the trade show exhibits, but you are not finished yet. If the booth was a great success, than it mean it is very precious to your company. You will use this booth at the next trade show exhibits but until then you will need to shield and conserve it by storing it properly in a special facility.

You would be making a great mistake if the booth is stored in a space where you can risk its security because you will be risking the security of next trade show exhibits. You do not want to lose quality either because a low quality booth is a bad booth for any trade show exhibits. Here is a list to help you avoid bad storage ideas.

1). Storing trade show exhibits equipments in your office or home. This does save you money but in the long run it will ruin your equipment making you lose money. Yes trade show exhibits can be quite expensive but here is not that place to save a little money. Find a professional warehouse that knows about trade show exhibits and its equipment so they can inspect them and repair them in professional matter. This way your trade show exhibits will always be blown away by you display by being well restored and protected with special chemicals. If you try to save money by not storing them right you may lose or damage parts that will increase trade show exhibits costs.

2). Always changing temperature in the storage room. It is ideal to have a storage room that allows you to control temperature this way your trade show exhibits equipment will not experience temperature changes. Maintaining a constant temperature that is not too high will help maintain trade show exhibits equipment. Temperature changes can damage any trade show exhibits equipment made up of wood, laminate, and glue and require you pay for extra repairs.

3). Storage security is more important than anything because if your trade show exhibits equipment gets stolen than you will no longer be attending trade show exhibits. Make sure your trade shoe exhibits equipment is locked and protected well with a good lock and security cameras that way you can sleep with ease at night knowing your equipment is safe.

4). Not having your trade show exhibits equipment insured. You business is required to have your trade show exhibits equipment insured against major damages like fire and floods.

5). Not giving the trade show exhibits equipment a pre-look a week or two before the trade show. You must double check that your trade show exhibits equipment is the way you left it in the first place. You do not want to get to trade show exhibits and start unpacking broken or damaged equipment.

6). Unable to contact storage staff in case of any emergency. Lets say you are scheduled to come pick up your trade show exhibits equipment two days from now but you suddenly realize you need to make some last minute changes to the display. You must be able to contact the staff at the storage facility to let them know you are coming by right away to access your storage compartment. It is also useful to have a storage house that can ship your trade show exhibits equipment to trade exhibit for you. This way it can save you time and work of delivering the trade show exhibits equipment yourself.

By simply reading this article or doing some small research you can stay ahead of the trade show exhibits game and save you money on what could be a catastrophic mistake.