Visiting Trade Show Exhibits in Las Vegas

trade show exhibits

Las Vegas hosts thousands of trade show exhibits every year, at hundreds of trade shows, so if you visit or run trade show exhibits with any frequency, you have likely, or will likely, end up there.  Las Vegas is a serious destination for trade show exhibits, but there are a few things that visitors always forget about seeing trade show exhibits when they visit.

One thing that no one ever thinks of the first time—and maybe even after that—is that Las Vegas is in the middle of the Mojave Desert.  You are going to a city, to see trade show exhibits, not wander around in the sand.  But despite being a huge tourist destination, it is dry as a bone.  People going to see trade show exhibits should make sure they remain well hydrated.

Given your impressive surroundings, it is easy to forget that the air is dry, until you run into dehydration like a wall.  To be able to keep yourself up and walking through all the trade show exhibits, make sure you drink plenty of water.  Having lip balm is a good idea too.

Another item along the line of “comfort” is footwear.  You already know you will be on your feet much of the day, while viewing or managing trade show exhibits.  That is already reason enough to wear solid, comfortable shoes.  But if you are attending a larger trade show, with thousands of other people browsing through the trade show exhibits, you might have to either walk back to your hotel, or risk waiting a long time for a .  The walking alternative is attractive, if your feet will not gain further blisters after your day full of trade show exhibits.

A visit to Vegas can quickly rack up the expenses.  Be careful with what you decide to do, because outside of the trade show exhibits, there is nothing available for free.  Eating at one of the casinos’ top drawer restaurants can cost a fortune, and even getting drinks is hardly cheap.  Las Vegas loves bringing people in to see trade show exhibits, because after that the city goes to work with its great entertainment venues.  As spellbinding as Cirque du Soleil certainly is, it might be wiser to forgo, given its hefty ticket price.  Your company sent you to view or run trade show exhibits, and it is unlikely that they will be thrilled if a couple-hundred-dollar Celine Dion ticket appeared in your expenses.  If you leave the strip after your day with the trade show exhibits, though, you can fairly easily find some reasonably priced food and drink.

Keeping all of these things in mind before you arrive in Las Vegas, let alone while you are there, will be difficult.  The city is, to say the least, impressive, and you will want to take it in when you are not in with the trade show exhibits.  But if you manage to focus a bit, your trip to see trade show exhibits in Sin City will be easier.