Trade Show Exhibits - Humans do Make Mistakes

It is only human to make mistakes, but when it comes to trade show exhibits you have to really try to be careful or it may cost you more than you think. If you are aware of the possible mistakes there is a better chance of avoiding them and making your next trade show exhibits successful.

                          Trade Show Exhibits    



A common mistake is not having a complete outline of what your trade show exhibits need. Brainstorm everything you need to know about the trade show exhibits starting with contractor information, registrations, forms, electrical, schedule, floor plans, advertising and promotion. Another mistake for trade show exhibits is not setting goals for the event. The purpose of goals is the fundamental nature of trade show exhibits. Knowing what you want to achieve from your trade show exhibits will help you plan for graphics, product display, booth layout, theme, etc. Trade show exhibits goals accomplish marketing objectives and help you reach them.

You can not leave graphics for the last minute while preparing for trade show exhibits. Give yourself plenty of time before the trade show exhibits to brainstorm and design the graphics needed for the event. Another common mistake is not training the staff ahead of time. Corporations usually chose 2-5 staff to attend the trade show exhibits without training them ahead of time. They are usually just told to show up 1 hour before the trade show exhibits start they are told what to do. This is wrong. Take the time to train the staff days before just so they are more comfortable around the trade show exhibits and have no questions left to ask. The look of your trade show exhibits is only half the deal, the other half is the people running it so you may want to extensively train these people.


During the trade show exhibits a common mistake is to have some staff that just hand out pamphlets and samples or offer as much information as possible. Trade show exhibits visitors will feel overwhelmed when given too much information and you do not want that. Having someone that just hands out stuff at trade show exhibits is useless, people will just throw it out as soon as they go around a corner. You need staff that enjoys interacting with strangers to make the most out of your trade show exhibits.

Having too many staff present is not good for trade show exhibits as it makes people overwhelmed again. Do not fill up your booth with your staff this way people will not be comfortable entering your trade show exhibits. Have a few staff around the exhibit and one or two inside so there is more room for visitors than anything else. Also you have to watch out for other companies representatives that are on the hunt to gather competitive information and disturb your trade show exhibits undercover. Have strict rules against these kinds of undercover competitors so they cannot jeopardize your trade show exhibits.


Do not just pack things and forget about the experience of your trade show exhibits. Make notes of what went right and what went wrong with the trade show exhibits for future reference. This way you can find out how you can improve and tune for future trade show exhibits as there is always room for improvement. Also look over possible new leads from your trade show exhibits to do business with. Plan on when to approach these new leads and how to help sale reps take care of these new leads earned from the trade show exhibits.