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All trade shows have a nice background design to go with all the other trade show equipment. Backdrops are a great way to incorporate the business name and logo with eye catching graphics on the background of the booth. If you have worked with trade show equipment in the past you should already know that booth backgrounds are important. There are three main trade show equipment utilities you can use to create great backgrounds.

Trade Show Equipment  Fabric Wall

The fabric wall has become great trade show equipment by giving the illusion of pop-up designs. This trade show equipment uses frames just like regular pop-up screens but do not need extra panels to hold up the background. Trade show equipment is getting more and more simplified with every year. The fabric walls already comes attached onto the frame so all you have to really do is transport the trade show equipment and then just open it up and it will basically already be set up. The sturdy fabric will stretch out and look very smooth with high quality graphics. As I already said trade show equipment could not be easier.

The trade show equipment fabric screens regular sizes are available in 4, 8 and 10 feet long. The whole thing gets dropped down into a bag size case to ease out the transportation of the trade show equipment. This trade show equipment is great for lobby signs, marketing meetings, new products, and just anywhere you need to make a big announcement. Its normally printed with a high end process called dye sublimation where color is embedded right into the fabric making it very resistant to anything it comes into contact with and overall a great trade show equipment for exhibit backgrounds.

Trade Show Equipment  Banner Vinyl

For companies looking for low costing trade show equipment a good solution is a banner vinyl. It makes a great background with a tubular frame that can transform anywhere between 3 to 8 feet long and 4 to 8 feet high. It is possible to acquire larger frames for your booth, but the 8x8 fully extended is the most popular of trade show equipment size.

The banner is made up of great color contrast allowing for any designs to be displayed and it also comes with pockets on the bottom and top for any other trade show equipment needed storage during the show. It uses magnets to allow setup and take down time to be shortened. This is also good for when you are moving around the trade show equipment. This trade show equipment might take longer to set up than a fabric pop-up but you are only looking at about half the price.

Trade Show Equipment  Pop-Up Display

The regular pop-up displays are the most popular of backgrounds when it comes to trade show equipment. This does not make them the best for backgrounds out of all trade show equipment. Popularity is not always the key answer and if you want to have a more unique background I would suggest going with the fabric trade show equipment. The trade show equipment pop-up displays come in 8 or 10 feet long and are most likely 8 feet tall. Pop-up displays are usually folded trade show equipment where you would unfold the displays made up of usually fiberglass aluminum. They are placed on a regular frame on the skeleton of the background and this trade show equipment only weighs about 15 pounds and it is placed on the ground without any support. When it is all dissembled this trade show equipment roll up and fit in a box for transportation.