Things to Think About when Buying Trade Show Displays part 2

Continued from Things to Think About when Buying Trade Show Displays part 1

Make sure your trade show displays are geared towards marketing.  You are going to these events to sell your products or services, so you need your trade show displays to bring people in.  You want your trade show displays to be intriguing to passers-by, but not so distracting that you cannot make your pitch once they are within the trade show displays.  Ideally, your trade show displays will augment your sales pitch somehow without outshining your trade show displays staff.

A corollary to this is regarding the actual functionality of your trade show displays.  You are not well served by having trade show displays that are difficult to navigate for either visitors or staff.  Having floor space for people in the booth to stand and liaise is a requirement, and surfaces for people to fill out forms are always a good idea for trade show displays.  If you have monitors showing videos or pictures, have them on mounts to prevent them from taking up valuable floor or surface space in your trade show displays.

A good idea, especially when purchasing your first trade show displays, is to take a trip around an exhibition.  See what your competitors trade show displays look like.  Figure out what trade show displays you like, and which aspects of the trade show displays you see make them great.  Also be sure to note what you do not like about the trade show displays you see, so you can relay to the trade show displays manufacturer you are using what you do not want to have.  A good trade show displays manufacturer should be able to customize your trade show displays almost exactly how you envision them.

Ideally, too, your trade show displays manufacturer will be able to provide some tips of their own.  They have probably been in the business for at least a little while, and since you may just be getting into it, they should have experience for you to draw on.  It is possible they have made trade show displays for companies in the same industry as yours, or that go to the same shows you intend to.  Try to find out what they would recommend, while trying to keep them from bumping up your price!

Follow these tips and you should be able to make some great purchases for your trade show displays.  Just like making other important purchases professionally or personally, make sure you do all the legwork until you feel comfortable buying your trade show displays.