Things to Think About when Buying Trade Show Displays part 1

When you are planning to purchase trade show displays, you always want to get the most for your money.  Trade show displays are the backbone of your company’s presence at trade shows, and you need to make sure that your appearance reflects positively.  You also want to make sure you get the most bang for your trade show displays buck, to keep your return on investment as high as possible.

Your biggest concern when purchasing trade show displays should probably be the overall quality of the trade show displays.  Be careful of online purchases where you cannot inspect the craftsmanship of the trade show displays for sale.  If they seem cheaper than one could reasonably build entire trade show displays for, than you might want to skip over them.  Finding a trade show displays manufacturer that you can actually visit, and that allows you to inspect their merchandise, will allow you to make sure your trade show displays purchase is a solid one.

Another area to look into is how much your trade show displays will cost you over the course of their life.  How much refurbishment will be required over, say, 5 years?  How about shipping your trade show displays from exhibition to exhibition?  Are there some components of your trade show displays that it would be better to rent just for shows that you need them in?  Evaluate the costs related to owning trade show displays—you are going to have to pay them eventually, but try to minimize them.

A consideration to keep in mind is how reconfigurable your trade show displays are.  It might not be something you mind too much, but for many people having precisely the same trade show displays layouts every time can get pedestrian.  Instead, trade show displays which you can alter can make you seem fresh and new at every event you visit.  The additional bonus, or maybe even related primary concern, is that your trade show displays will better fit into a range of booth sizes.  If you are going to trade shows with varied amounts of floor space per entrant, having trade show displays that can be reconfigured can help make sure that your trade show displays always fit inside your designated area.

Another item in the vein of adjustability is how changeable the designs on your trade show displays are.  Graphics can begin to look stale, if your trade show displays are getting on in years—or realistically, even months—and it is important that you be able to swap them out.  Your trade show displays will serve you better when they can be altered to keep up with the most contemporary look.