Integrating Technology in your Trade Show Displays

Technology has come a long way in the last decade, and it has made the way trade show displays are put together change a lot.  Integrating technology with your trade show displays is no longer just intriguing, it is absolutely mandatory.

Trade show displays that do not include some kind of video reel on a monitor are going to look dated.  Try to make up a video that quickly presents what your product is, without requiring the viewer to hear any audio—there is a good chance it will be loud in your trade show displays.  Make sure that the video is for the products or services you are selling this year, because few things are less impressive than a video showing old footage that is no longer relevant to your trade show displays.  However, a video that is up to date can improve the staff of your trade show displays ability to turn visitors into customers.

Trade show displays giveaways have been in use they are essentially iconic.  You are visiting some trade show displays?  You are going to pick up some swag.  However, technology has enabled the owners of trade show displays to make that swag a bit more useful.  Giving out USB thumb drives is a great strategy for your trade show displays.  Brand the thumb drives with your company’s name, but also put some files or software on the thumb drive that a visitor to your trade show displays can open if they want to know more about your product.  Thumb drives are very inexpensive, and they will help remind visitors to your trade show displays of your company long after they have left.

Social media has started to infiltrate trade show displays as well.  It is a good idea for you and your staff to get involved with social media to represent your trade show displays within the exhibition.  It is probable that the trade show will have a Facebook page, and a twitter hashtag, associated with it.  Connect with people at the trade show, and visiting your trade show displays, through these (and perhaps other) social networks.

Technology has worked its way into almost every facet of our lives, and trade show displays are no exception.  Keeping your trade show displays up-to-date will, from now on, always require that you keep one eye on technological advances.