Combining Social Media and Trade Show Exhibits

Social media has become nearly ubiquitous, and its utility in trade show exhibits is as great as anywhere else.  Social media can enhance your trade show exhibits in a few ways, and this article should touch on several of them.

One good use of social media, in the context of trade show exhibits, is for building up your presence.  Let the people who are connected to you know that you will be putting on trade show exhibits at a certain place, on whatever date(s) you will be there.  Then, as you get closer to opening up your trade show exhibits, take some photos of the setup, and send them out over social media too.  If members of your trade show exhibits staff are in the photo, tag them in the photo (or include their handles in the tweet), and you will expand your exposure to their social circles as well.

trade show exhibits

To encourage people to visit your trade show exhibits, use social media to inform them that you have a contest going on for any of the people in your networks who visit the booth.  Use your networks to give them a codeword or something, and to give that codeword to staff at the trade show exhibits.  They can then be entered in the contest for whatever prize you feel is reasonable.  Your trade show exhibits should gain a lot of visitors this way, assuming the prize is worth the time it takes them to visit your trade show exhibits.  If someone gets a cool new prize, there is a good chance they will fire off a tweet about that, and mention your company as well!

The most important thing you can do with social media at your trade show exhibits is update pretty regularly.  Keep people up to date on what is going on in your trade show exhibits, with photos and regular messages.  Make sure you mention anyone else who is at the trade show exhibits with you, as long as it is topical.  This should give you maximum exposure, and maybe even bring more people into the trade show exhibits.

Using social media can sometimes go sideways on you.  Make sure you do not associate your trade show exhibits with anything anyone might find offensive, and you should be fine.  The best thing about having a social media presence associated with your trade show exhibits is that people who visit your trade show exhibits can talk about it, and spread news about your trade show exhibits with their friends and contacts.