Pop-Up Family

A standard for large image walls – clever magnetic solution

Pop Up Magnetic is used as a standard for large image walls. You also find the smart magnetic solution in our flexible Tower.

Pop Up Magnetic
Straight or Curved image wall!

Today the Pop Up Magnetic is seen as a standard for large image walls at events and presentations. Few loose parts in combination with an easy and solid construction, gives you great attention.

This is how it's done

Our great magnetic bar is divided into three parts, which means fewer parts and significantly smoother assembly and disassembly.
The magnetic bars are steered into the right position towards a metal part in the frame. The images simply falls attractively into place.
The locking advise makes the system stable.

Pop Up Magnetic Tower
Create your own message column!

The round Pop Up Magnetic Tower is a flexible advertising medium suitable for areas like a reception or as a complement in a booth. The Pop Up Magnetic Tower quickly becomes the focus of attention.

This is how it's done

The same magnetic function for the Tower as the rest of the family members.
Easy to assembly and disassembly the panels.