Open Concept Trade Show Exhibits

If you are an experienced visitor to trade show exhibits, you are aware that no show avails its exhibitors with a large, luxurious amount of space.  Instead, trade show exhibits are confined to a—sometimes shockingly—small space.  A person who is organizing trade show exhibits has to be something of a design guru, understanding the best configuration to maximize the utility of the floor space available.

The primary consideration must be the flow of visitors through the trade show exhibits.  When you are designing trade show exhibits, consider the best way to ensure a steady stream of people, rather than allowing visitors to bunch up inside the trade show exhibits.  You also want to make sure that particularly interested visitors to the trade show exhibits have an area into which they can venture to get more information from the staff at the trade show exhibits.  This way, potential customers can move into an area that does not block the general traffic flow through the trade show exhibits.

It is also important to keep your trade show exhibits open for another reason.  Not only will visitors coming through the trade show exhibits find them easier to navigate, but also feel more comfortable in an area that appears more open.  You do not want attendees who come into your trade show exhibits to feel jammed in and claustrophobic.  Give them more room in your trade show exhibits and they will leave with a better impression of your company and what you are selling.

A useful tactic to make your trade show exhibits seem larger and more open is to ensure there is more than adequate lighting in your trade show exhibits.  Darkness and shadows will make your trade show exhibits seem small and enclosed, while brightness will make them seem far more open and inviting.  It is possible to go too far though; you do not want your trade show exhibits reminding people of a hospital.

Do not be afraid to extend your trade show exhibits skyward.  The typical venue for trade shows has high ceilings, so use that to your advantage.  Instead of keeping everything on the floor, use the available vertical space to extend your trade show exhibits.  This will also help bring people to your trade show exhibits, since having something above your booth will draw eyes, and then bodies.

Paying attention to how open your trade show exhibits are is, as you can see, very important.  Keeping them easy to navigate will make visitors happy and make your trade show exhibits more successful.