Make Use of Trade Show Rentals

Trade show displays can be expensive.  Some businesses should consider trade show rentals rather than purchasing their exhibits.  There are some compelling reasons to use trade show rentals rather than buying your displays, and maybe some of them are convincing for you.

The amount of space you have changes:  If you attend several trade shows, and your booth size varies from one to another, trade show rentals may be something to consider.  In this case, owning your booth will mean that you cannot make use of larger spaces, or cannot fit inside smaller ones.  Trade show rentals will allow you to get a booth that is sized exactly how you need it on a show-to-show basis.  Trade show rentals will make sure that you can make the best use of the space allotted.

You are running on a small budget:  This problem strikes everyone sometimes, and if this year is looking grim, you should consider trade show rentals.  Purchasing trade show equipment is not inexpensive, so to make this year work, and improve your budget for next year, look into trade show rentals.  Trade show rentals will allow you to stay out of debt while still getting to the trade shows you need to attend.

You need to test out configurations:  If you are unsure of what you need out of your trade show exhibits, trade show rentals give you the opportunity to play around with different configurations.  Over the course of several trade shows, using trade show rentals, you can try out different arrangements with different equipment to find the best one for you.  After you’ve found the best one with the trade show rentals, you can make the purchases you want to, knowing you will get exactly what you want.

Your exhibit changes regularly:  Some companies change their trade show exhibits around frequently.  If yours is one of them, you should consider trade show rentals as an alternative to frequent equipment purchases.  While the lack of ownership can be problematic for some, trade show rentals can free up capital.  Trade show rentals will also mean that you never have to shoehorn old equipment into a new exhibit just so you can avoid making another purchase.

Trade show rentals are certainly not for everyone in every circumstance.  But if you find yourself in one of the positions mentioned, you should consider looking into trade show rentals in the future.