Maintaining your Trade Show Equipment

Purchasing trade show equipment is not a cheap proposition.  In fact, trade show equipment can represent a very significant single expenditure for your business.  However, extending the life of your trade show equipment is not that onerous, and it will make your initial investment more worthwhile.

Keep your trade show equipment clean

At shows, try to keep things like food or any drinks that might stain out of your booth.  Your trade show equipment will remain nice and clean if you avoid stuff like that, which can foul up your trade show equipment.  Ask the people working the booth to eat outside your booth.  They will understand, especially if they are involved in the tear-down of your trade show equipment at the end of the expo.  That’s because when the trade show is done, you should do a thorough clean of all of your trade show equipment, before packing it up.  This leads nicely into the next segment:

Have good packing for your trade show equipment

Shipping companies are rarely as gentle with any items as you might wish, your valuable trade show equipment included.  Make sure that you have solid, uncompromising cases or crates for your trade show equipment.  The most jarring experiences in the life of trade show equipment will most likely be during shipping between shows.  If one of your trade show equipment cases begins to look less than impregnable, it will likely be worth your while to purchase a replacement case to store your trade show equipment in.  Your smartphone has a case on it, your trade show equipment definitely should.

Keep your graphics fresh

Just as your vehicle needs its oil changed occasionally, or Joan Rivers has her scheduled facelift, your trade show equipment should be kept up to date.  It is easy to become complacent about the way your trade show equipment looks, and it might be hard to shell out a few more bucks for new graphics, but it is a reliable way to keep your trade show equipment looking brand new.  This does not necessarily mean that every piece of trade show equipment needs new cladding every time, but any graphics that are beginning to look out of date, or fabric that looks worn, should be replaced to keep your trade show equipment looking great.

Well maintained trade show equipment looks good to potential customers, and it ensures that your trade show equipment investment is a long-term one.  Invest a bit of time and money in your original investment, and your trade show equipment will last for ages.