Learning about Trade Show Equipment part 2

This article is a continuation of Learning about Trade Show Equipment part 1.

Towers and Kiosks

At trade shows most of the conversations you will be having with potential customer will be in front of the booth. Towers or kiosks are great trade show equipment where you can connect with potential customers. The kiosks can hold different trade show equipment like a computer where interested visitors can get more information of products and features.

In addition to giving you more room for trade show equipment towers and kiosks can also add a unique look to your overall display. Placing this trade show equipment out in front of your booth can actually attract more visitors. The more noticeable your company name/logo is to people passing by, the higher the chances of visitors than if it is hidden behind your other trade show equipment.

Pamphlet Stands

Pamphlet stands are a piece of trade show equipment which will allow visitors to obtain a flyer, to help them remember you when they leave the convention. This trade show equipment will help your visitors remember your booth and some key points about your products/company. The main idea with pamphlet stand trade show equipment is to give people access to something they will want to hold on to. The design of the message is very important, but always make sure you are keeping it simple.

Most pamphlet stands look poorly-created and uninteresting. But trade show equipment pamphlet stands can attract many curious visitors. When creating, or purchasing, a pamphlet stand you want to make sure it is well-built and does not tip easily. This is because trade shows are usually crowded events, so you need to make sure your trade show equipment is weighted or buttressed, or it will end up on the ground. One last thing to remember with this kind of trade show equipment is to make enough pamphlets to last you the whole show.

Table Top Displays

Do you want to avoid spending a lot on different types of trade show equipment on a tight budget? Table top displays are a cheap kind of trade show equipment that provide an easy way to create a great atmosphere on a budget. The only difficulty with this trade show equipment is to make sure that other exhibits also use table top displays.  If you are surrounded by more expensive trade show equipment, it might leave a bad impression with visitors.

This sort of trade show equipment has many available options you can chose to use. The most frequently used table top display is the popup display because of its easy setup and replaceable graphics. Panel trade show equipment is another good choice when looking to stay on budget.

One mistake you should avoid is putting staff behind trade show equipment like table top displays. You want your staff in front and engaging visitors to maximize potential customer and answer questions. Once you have decided on this table top trade show equipment you must choose colours that fit well with your company logo. It is best to stick with colours that are easy on the eye, and that match well with each other, when it comes to trade show equipment. This way you will maximize the use of table top trade show equipment to stay cheap and good looking!