Learning about Trade Show Equipment part 1

There are many different kinds of trade show equipment available for you to create an eye catching display. Trade show equipment makes up a lot of the whole trade show experience. Below are some trade show equipment ideas for your next exhibition.


There are numerous kinds of lighting out there that can be favourably incorporated with your trade show equipment and displays. Trade show equipment sometimes has the option of adding lighting for small cost as part of the package. Lighting is one of the most important aspects for trade show equipment, as you may have seen. The difference between a well lit display and a poorly lit display can be radical. Trade show equipment that is lit to impress will definitely stand out of the crowd.

An important factor when choosing lighting for trade show equipment is to check with the convention to see what type of lighting they allow. Some conventions do not allow some types of lighting because of the other trade show equipment can sometimes be a fire hazard.

Entasi Fabric Displays

Fabrics are quite popular trade show equipment. Entasi displays are new trade show equipment innovations that allow the display to curve vertically and horizontally at the same time. Entasi trade show equipment makes for a great looking back wall as it stretches around poles and, while under pressure, it eliminates possible wrinkles. They come in 8-foot, 10-foot and 20-foot versions with many different stand-off options to give you great looking trade show equipment. Entasi trade show equipment is unique because it is the only kind of display that curves vertically, and as a result your exhibit will stand out.

Counter Wraps

Trade show equipment is usually shipped and moved around in cases specially designed to keep your trade show equipment safe. These cases can easily be used as podium or a table with some simple counter wraps. Using so-designed counter wraps the cases do not only serve as containers for your trade show equipment, but also serve as displays. Counter wraps are cheap and you can customize them with your company logo, so when you are wrapping trade show equipment it will look great!

Xpressions Display

Trade show equipment is always evolving, one of the newest innovations are Xpressions displays. This display is basically a popup display with company graphics that cover the whole frame of the exhibit. This trade show equipment allows you to use big graphics on the outside of your exhibit attracting peoples attention from afar. Xpressions displays use dye-sub graphics that allow you to wash the fabric without having any worries. How cool is it to wash your trade show equipment in a washing machine so it can always stay fresh and clean?

An Xpressions display is just like any other trade show equipment can be easily snapped into place reducing setup time and headaches. The graphics on this trade show equipment point in all directions, allowing your company message to be seen from many angles that give you high visibility for your next show.