Keeping Your Feet at Trade Show Exhibits

When figuring out your budget for future trade show exhibits do you just accept the normal floor without padding? Standing on hard surfaces while working at trade show exhibits can really take away from your staff's energy. Many experts say that having enough padding for staff to stand comfortably at trade show exhibits will keep them fresh and energized. You may have noticed when visiting trade show exhibits that some will have a lot of padding under their carpet. They know that the staff will be standing there for hours therefore releasing some of the pressure off their feet by spending a little bit extra on floor padding for their trade show exhibits.

Trade Show Exhibits

Most trade show exhibits are placed on concrete, nothing more. So a long day working at trade show exhibits can fatigue people's legs, give them sore feet and back pain, and thereby worsen the mood of the staff. So if your company can afford some padding for trade show exhibits, consider it a good purchase!

If your budget is not large for trade show exhibits and you may not be able to afford padding, you may have to plan around it. Start with the layout of the booth space. You have a distinctive 10x10 booth where you will be displaying everything and have a standing area. Trade show exhibits' standing area is usually right in front of the booth and sometimes on the left or right of the booth but never placed behind it.

The more successful trade show exhibits have some sort of stand or podium where all the business will take place. This is where staff will stand and exchange information or handout samples or pamphlets for the trade show exhibits. For this area of your trade show exhibits you can provide that single staff member with an ergonomic mat. This mat is quite common at trade show exhibits it is made out of rubber that is designed to reduce stress while standing on it. Specifically, they are designed for factory workers doing long shifts and standing in one spot. There are some manufacturers that will cut your mats for you depending on the exact size you need for trade show exhibits. These ergonomic mats are washable and have sloped edges to reduce accidental tripping which is very useful for trade show exhibits. It is made out of foam or rubber. Having one of these ergonomic mats can save you money compared to adding padded flooring to the whole trade show exhibits' booth.

At trade show exhibits usually a third of the booth is used up by displays and nobody will step a foot in this area. This is why padding the whole floor for the booth is paying extra for additional padding that will not be stepped on at the trade show exhibits. Some trade show exhibits are huge and they require even bigger and thicker padding since more customers and staff will be standing in the booth.

The mats have become very popular and useful for trade show exhibits. You will never have to hear your staff complaining about their feet, legs or back hurting from standing for too long at trade show exhibits. They are simple to use and clean. They can be delivered to trade show exhibits easily and come in many different colours.