Exciting Trade Show Exhibits

If you are attending trade shows, it is important that you make your trade show exhibits are interesting to the people visiting.  The more people that pass through your trade show exhibits, the more likely you convert those people into customers, making your investment in trade show exhibits worthwhile.  Here are a few tips for getting people through your trade show exhibits.


Have something new

People are attracted by new things.  If your trade show exhibits include something that visitors have never seen before, there is a much greater chance that they will stop by the trade show exhibits.  If you have read coverage of major trade shows like CES or any auto show, you will recall that the most column inches always go to the newest things in each of the trade show exhibits.  Apple will put a bunch of brand new iPads in their trade show exhibits, and they will bring in huge numbers.  General Motors will reveal the new Corvette concept car as the centrepiece of their trade show exhibits, and it will dominate headlines.

Have a trade show exhibit theme

Trade show exhibits’ attendees will be more interested in well put together, well thought out trade show exhibits.  Keeping a consistent visual theme in your trade show exhibits will make them look more professional.  Even if it is something intuitive and easy, like your company’s colour(s), it will make it clear that your trade show exhibits are never just thrown together last minute.  Make sure the people staffing your trade show exhibits are also dressed to conform to your visual theme, so that if visitors have questions, they can tell exactly who—in the crowds of people filling your trade show exhibits—your representatives are.

Give them something to do

People are more likely to visit your trade show exhibits if you give them something to play with.  In most cases, this is probably just going to be your product, although if you are showing software or something more ephemeral, have, for example, computers in your trade show exhibits to let visitors try your software out.  Not only are the people walking around going to be more interested in doing something interactive in your trade show exhibits, but they will be able to ask more nuanced questions about your company and your products.

If you follow these recommendations when devising your trade show exhibits, you can expect a more successful presentation.  Trade shows are hard to pull off well, but these tips should help.