Designing Trade Show Displays

Putting together great trade show displays requires planning and information.  Trade show displays are, if you are reading this, likely an important part of your business.  So, what are some ways to make sure your trade show displays are attractive to visitors?  You want to make sure that your trade show displays have your feel, so that they resemble your business's other marketing products.

Decide on the equipment

The equipment you use in your trade show displays will affect not only the aesthetics of them, but also how expensive the trade show displays are.  Intuitively, table-top trade show displays are cheaper than pop-up trade show displays that sit on the floor.  That sword cuts both ways, though, because if you are going to high-class trade shows, table-top trade show displays are going to look cheap.  You have to weigh your options here, and consider if the higher price point might be a better investment, or whether table-top trade show displays will be sufficient for your needs.

Use descriptive imagery

This is probably the hardest part of creating trade show displays.  Unless you already have a fair sized ad-campaign that uses media like billboards, it might be tough to come up with effective graphics for your trade show displays.  Ideally, you want to find something to have on your trade show displays which communicates your product or service without many actual words.  It is unlikely that people will spend a lot of time reading your trade show displays, so avoid relying on visitors doing so.  Pull them into your booth with an image which can succinctly describe your business.  Of course, understanding that this is a good idea for your trade show displays is much easier than actually thinking of an effective image for your trade show displays.

Open up space

You want people to be able to come in to your trade show displays.  When you are figuring out how you want your trade show displays to look, try to keep a fair amount of floorspace free, so you can bring people out of the aisles.  Keep in mind, too, that since there will be people in your trade show displays, you will need to ensure that the parts of your trade show display you want everyone to see are visible outside your booth.  Something that can help you accomplish both of these is adding a hanging component to your trade show displays, something suspended from the ceiling that at least informs people of your company name.

Designing effective trade show displays can be stressful, since a lot rests on getting it right.  But keeping these things in mind should help a lot when deciding how you want your trade show displays to look.