Competition at Trade Show Exhibits—Not Just Other Business

When you are running trade show exhibits, you are always competing with other businesses for leads and visitors, in the hope that you will gain customers.  But that is not all your trade show exhibits are competing with.  There are some unintuitive, abstract competitors you might not have considered before.

The Race Against Time:  Your trade show exhibits are probably only up for a few days at a time, a week at most.  You want to, need to make the most of the short time that your trade show exhibits are available to visitors.  Meanwhile, the show you are at has hundreds and hundreds of trade show exhibits, and potential visitors are only at the show for a certain amount of time.  Everyone is trying to bring people into their trade show exhibits, but there are a few ways that you can gain an advantage.  Try to get space for your trade show exhibits in high-traffic areas, such as in the centre of the convention space, or near the entrance.  More eyeballs on your trade show exhibits and, all things being equal, you will get more visitors.  Another important aspect here is making sure that the staff of your trade show exhibits knows which visitors to keep on the hook, and which ones to throw back, in order to maximize their number of useful leads.

The Beautiful Locales:  A lot of trade show exhibits are set up in warm cities, like Las Vegas or Orlando, or frequent tourist destinations such as New York, Chicago, or Toronto.  You want to make sure your trade show exhibits can stack up against the competing sights and sounds.  Consider adding some of the local entertainment to your trade show exhibits, or giving away casino chips as prizes for interested leads.  There are ways to make the city you are in work for your trade show exhibits.

Lives Outside of Trade Shows:  Who has a life outside of trade shows, right?  In seriousness, though, everyone has other things on their plate besides visiting your trade show exhibits.  Especially thanks to smartphones, visitors to trade shows are more aware than ever of their family, office, and recreational lives.  You have to find a way to compete with these invisible competitors, but the smartphone sword cuts both ways.  Use social media and email blasts to keep people up-to-date on your trade show exhibits.  Also consider making one of the giveaways in your trade show exhibits something visitors can take home for their kids.

Of course, beyond all of this, your trade show exhibits still need to compete with other trade show exhibits.  But you are a professional, and you have experience battling with other trade show exhibits.  You might just have missed some of these more unconventional trade show exhibits competitors.