How to Attract Visitors to your Trade Show Displays

Making your trade show displays attractive to visitors is a tough but, obviously, rewarding endeavour.  The more people who visit your trade show displays, the better your prospects are for generating interest and leads.  But what do you actually need to do to make more people come through your trade show displays?  There are a few ways to increase the population of your booth.

Become socialized:

Keep people informed of what you have going on throughout the day using social media.  Social networks are a great way to drive people to your trade show displays.  You should let everyone know where you will be beforehand, and then fire out frequent updates on the current goings-on in your trade show displays: there is a presentation happening; or, we’re giving out special prizes.  All of this helps out with a second tip for attracting visitors to your trade show displays…

The rich get richer:

If you already have a number of people in your trade show displays, other visitors to the show will wonder what might be happening there.  They will want to find out, and so visit your booth as well.  If you can just get the ball rolling, you can create a kind of perpetual motion machine with visitors in your trade show displays.  After that, you just need to make sure that you do not lose your momentum. 

Make your trade show displays comfortable:

This is a bit of a twofer.  When your booth is not off-putting to passers-by, it makes them less likely to dismiss your trade show displays.  As a result, they have a better chance of coming in to visit.  Secondly, once they are in your trade show displays, they are more likely to stick around if they are comfortable.  To accomplish these things, differentiate your trade show displays by including padded flooring, or seating (or both!).  Visitors will notice, and decide to come in and stick around to hear your pitch.

Have them buy in:

Once they are in the trade show displays, get them to engage directly with your brand somehow.  If you are selling a service, have someone on hand who can give them a quote on the spot.  Or use a game to draw them into your trade show displays and your branding.  You need some sort of method for informing them of your company without making them fall asleep in the comfortable seating you have installed in your trade show displays.  Demonstrate your product regularly, and in such a way that people who are walking by might be brought in, as well as engaging the current visitors to your trade show displays.

Finding the right balance to bring visitors into your trade show displays can be very tricky, and it is perfectly possible that not all of these ideas will be right for you.  Take these and customize them, or build off of them to find the right combination of things that can successfully populate your trade show displays.